Wellness and Recovery Tools
Our primary value and approach to our clients and families is to focus on their strengths and what they need to move toward wellness and recovery.   We strive to provide clients and their families or natural supports with the tools and skills needed to live a satisfying, full, and independent life. Learn more about recovery HERE.
Some of the tools in our wellness and recovery toolbox include:
Peer Support Services

We are persons in recovery who have chosen to work with others living with mental illness. We provide support, advocacy and role modeling utilizing our unique strengths and perspectives gained through our own journeys to recovery.

Employment and Vocational Services

CLR partners with several community vocational services to help individuals find the right job for their skills, strengths and interests, and dreams.  We recognize that, for many if not most people, quality of life  and self-worth mean exercising one’s ability and the choice to be productive, to earn a paycheck, and to feel the joy of making a contribution.

Mobile Integrated Health Clinic 

The Mobile Integrated Health Clinic (MIHC) is available to consumers through our partnership with Good Samaritan Behavioral Health and OptumHealth to make healthcare services more accessible to consumers who need them.  The mobile clinic travels to our downtown facility at Tacoma Avenue allowing for seamless coordination of behavioral and physical healthcare services. 

Wellness and Empowerment Center
We are proud to announce the opening of the Wellness and Empowerment Center at our downtown Tacoma Avenue location.  The Wellness and Empowerment Center is a warm, welcoming and safe place to find support, learn new skills, research job and employment opportunities, find out about other resources in the community, exercise, and connect with others to build a network of natural supports.

Come check us out and say hello!

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