Homeless Services

Having a stable and secure home is vitally important to recovery and resiliency as well as to an individuals’ sense of worth.   In general, most people are able to thrive with the right kind of supports in an environment that is safe and one where they can call home. We offer housing assistance to help clients gain and maintain stable independent housing solutions.
Positive Interactions:

Positive Interactions is a homeless outreach response service for the homeless individuals who are impacting the businesses of the City of Tacoma.

PATH Program

The PATH Program is a federally funded outreach program for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness who are homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless.  This program is also available to those persons with co-occurring substance use disorders.  Community outreach services are offered one step at a time at a pace that is comfortable for those who may find it difficult to trust the social services system and caregivers.  In addition, we offer a limited array of housing services once housing has been established.
Supported Living Services

We also offer HUD-subsidized housing for adults with serious mental illness.  These services are integrated with our other counseling, case management and community support services designed to assist individuals to locate, secure and maintain permanent, independent housing which is safe and secure.

Contact us at (253) 396-5800 for more information about our Housing Services

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